Your Best Salespeople are DRIVEN to WIN

They are competitive pros who know how to persevere and win big deals – they are Sales Champions.

There’s something about sales professionals that fascinate us. We have to admire the salesperson’s endless resilience in the face of constant rejection and their certainty that the deal will close in the end.

Regardless of your sales culture, you cannot be a top salesperson without possessing a competitive drive and a desire to win. Money is not an unimportant factor in managing a sales force. In the right industry, salespeople can make 6-7 figure incomes in a single year. However, research shows money is not what drives exceptional sales people to succeed. It’s the value they place on competing and winning.

Sales champions meet their full potential by developing the following skills and techniques:

  • Staying relaxed under pressure, in what I call a “good nervous.”
  • Focusing on what’s important (to the customer) and letting go of everything else.
  • Rebounding from mistakes, bad breaks and failures.
  • Eliminating self-doubts and negative thinking.
  • Using mental rehearsal for upcoming presentations and meetings.
  • Motivating by setting meaningful and compelling goals for each action; every day and every meeting.
  • Developing self-confidence and a positive, go-for-it attitude.

In sales, there will always be ups and downs. They are found within a single competition for a deal and throughout an entire sales career. Anyone can handle the good times with class and confidence. It does not require great discipline or character. How you handle the down times is what distinguishes a real sales champion from everyone else.

The mark of a true sales champion is that no matter what is going on, no matter how bad things are going, or how far behind they are, they never give up. A sales champion operates on the principle that there is always an opportunity to win, no matter how daunting the competition.

Refusing to give in to the emotions of defeat (i.e. discouragement, hopelessness, frustration and emotionally quitting), sales champions always produce and surpass their performance goals. The over-worked cliché “winners never quit and quitters never win” holds true. Sales champions never quit.

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