Why are Sales People so Inefficient?

Our very first post was all about efficiency. This may have spurred a bit of reflection on the subject as it relates to your company. After reading about the inefficiency that plagues the sales process, you may be tempted to point fingers. Accusations aside, there are ways to increase the efficiency of your sales team.

Reps are Not the Problem…

Any problems that do exist in sales are generally much bigger than the reps themselves. Actually, your sales people are the only asset to your business that can generate or increase revenue. Remember, just because reps are under performing doesn’t mean you can’t change things for the better; as long as you provide them with the tools they need for success.

Do they have the support of the organization?

• Sales Force Automation (SFA)
• Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM)
• How are they measured?

What is holding them back?

• Lack of new opportunities
• Poor conversion
• Poor sales materials/value proposition

Everyone Knows Sales Productivity is Poor, but Why?

A survey released by Harvard Business School labels sales as less than 35% efficient. It actually makes sense when you consider the way reps are managing their time. Most sales people are spending the majority of their days on activities that have nothing to do with sales or revenue generation. Selling represents less than 36% of a rep’s week, with the rest of the time allocated to generating leads, administrative tasks, meetings, account service, training, etc.

Do you want to have a hand in the optimization of your sales performance? Making necessary changes to assist with the other 64% will result in positive implications on your sales performance.

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