What Successful Startups are Driven By

Imagine a world without Facebook, if Mark Zuckerberg sold Facebook to Yahoo. At the young age of 22, Zuckerberg turned down Yahoo’s offer of a billion dollars for Facebook. He turned down the offer, because his drive was to connect everyone wasn’t complete. Today, Facebook is worth over $200 billion. Money doesn’t motivate successful start-ups; their mission does. The founders who ultimately generate the greatest value for themselves are those who are motivated to change an industry. Those who seek to generate a quick buck are falsely driven and will likely fail.

All in all, starting a new institution from scratch is very difficult. Often time’s individuals stop because there is no more money, or clients do not find the product useful. No business has ever sustained success by selling early. Often times the acquired business eventually shuts down the project and fires the employees. A business giving in early is more dangerous for investors than a business going under. Good investors understand that losses are going to occur, but their successes ultimately cover for their losses. However a business with great potential cannot become successful if it sells early. Yahoo also tried to buyout Google. Google would have lost billions of dollars if they were to have sold themselves to Yahoo.

In a business, the employees have to be inspired by a mission. If a business doesn’t have a mission, employees will lack motivation to sell and be successful. In order for an investment to have a chance to become a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a billion dollar company, they need management and talent that will stand through difficult times and hold off on selling early. In actuality, every company has the drive to be successful and grossing. The reason the business exists is because of its mission. If a company loses sight of its mission, it will fail.

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