What SMBs Need to Optimize in their Sales Models

Today, small and medium-sized businesses are faced with a unique set of challenges. In comparison to larger businesses, SMBs have access to less capital and are constrained by tight budgets. As such, only limited resources are dedicated to these companies’ sales departments, and fewer personnel are available to fill important roles. Nonetheless, SMBs must strive for high performance and strategically overcome barriers to success in doing so. To remain competitive, these small companies must be equipped with strong toolsets:

  • Necessary is an understanding of general sales industry changes and trends, especially the extent to which highly advanced strategies are required for successful business-to- business (B2B) selling in the modern day.
  • Equally important is a familiarity with challenges specific to SMBs, particularly those associated with new customer acquisition and scaling for growth.
  • A robust sales model, guided by Lean and Agile principles and consisting of tools such as a clearly defined sales process and a well-researched GTM strategy, is invaluable, as preliminary approaches have large-scale implications for future results.
  • To carry out these tasks, a competitive SMB must house strong operational functions, or make use of a comparable alternative to do so, as a company’s ability to implement and carry out a sales model directly influences performance.
  • Absolutely essential to an SMB’s functioning highly is a formidable sales leader to carry this multitude of responsibilities – this person is viewed as solely responsible for a team’s success or lack thereof.

Simply put, SMB’s need strong toolsets that don’t require many resources.  That’s where our revenue factory comes in.  For over 17 years, we’ve had the chance to use our model to help over 400 companies – everyone from fortune 500 companies like Boeing, Fidelity, and Oracle, to up-and-coming companies revolutionizing their industry, like Mathsoft and Infovista.  Our methodology works across boundaries- we’ve helped companies in industries including pharmaceuticals, software (ERP, PLM, analytics, and more), IT, finance, and energy.   You can read some testimonials here.

The Revenue Factory is ideal for SMB’s because it eases the burden of an SMB sales leaders by assuming some of the operational functions most crucial to organizational success.

How does it do this?  It provides a way to overcome the problem of yield on sales capacity through the use of LEAN and Agile principles, frameworks for the macro- and micro- level, and diagnostic tools – all easily scalable to each company’s unique situation.

For information on implementing this at your organization, you can contact us here.  You can also download more resources from tools and insight page, and in next upcoming blog posts.

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