What Drives Successful People?

Managers are constantly asking what drives successful sales people. The formula for a successful sales person consists of putting in more time. Studies have shown that the most successful sales people spend more time with customers, larger internal networks, and management. Internal networks include overall relationships within the company, time spent interacting with other workers, and influence within the company.

In a typical business, the top salespeople spend up to 33 percent more time with customers per week. Our data demonstrates that in a technology company, top performers spent 18 percent more time with customers per week. However, they interacted with 40 percent fewer accounts over a quarter. This allowed them to spend more time with each client. When we work with businesses, we help them find ways to lessen large standing meetings and instead generate ways to enable broader networks consisting of smaller groups of people.

We have found that out top salespeople simply put in more time. Top salespeople’s weeks are longer, usually four hours longer and with up to 40 percent more time spent outside of normal working hours, than lower selling employees. However, even low performers work an average of 50 hours per week. While top salespeople spend more time with customers, it is not always true that an underperformer would suddenly become more successful by simply spending more time with clients.

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