Voluntary Self-Disclosure Webinar

If you are working in trade compliance, do you know who you are doing business with? If you don’t, are you exposing your company to undue trade compliance risk?

Exporters and importers – regardless of size – are responsible for knowing who they are doing business with. This extends to their employees and trade partners. However, denied party screening is not something that is at the top of mind with most managers even though from a government perspective it is not an option. Without adequate screening of your employees, contacts, and accounts your company is exposed to unnecessary risk. This webinar is focused on providing an understanding of why a Denied Party screening program is important, how it works, and a framework for how the importer and/or exporter can effectively implement a program.

One of our partners, a major player in global trade management, is conducting a webinar series on The Minefields of Import/Export.

This Thursday, January 11th at 2:00 PM EST they will present Part 2 on Denied Party Screening: What, Why, When, How.

You can click here to register for this event.

This webinar will discuss:
• Why you should know about denied party screening and its implications for your company
• The fundamentals of a denied party screening – the why and the how
• What your obligations as an importer and exporter
• Practical steps to managing a denied party screening program
• What to do if you get a “hit” that an entity is on a denied party list
• The Reality and Truth about denied party screening

We are pleased to be joined by two esteemed guest speakers as well. David Moore, the President and Founder of Vigilant Global Trade Services, LLC, and Dana Smalley, the President at Partners in Trade Compliance (PITC). Their industry expertise and knowledge are bound to make this webinar a memorable one, so don’t miss out!

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