VizQuest Sales Training Introduction

Here at VizQuest, we pride ourselves on the amount and the quality of training we give our sales team.  We’ve developed our own sales methodology and process that is incorporated into our proprietary sales framework. We blend the best elements of SPIN Selling, the Challenger Sales Model, Agile, LEAN and six-sigma, in combination with the experience of managing over 400 sales campaigns.

How do we know it works?  Well (and this is the part where we get to boast a little), thanks to our training, our team has produced:

  • $2.1B+ in revenue, profit, and pipeline product
  • Over 400 programs executed
  • A 1.3M+ executive referral network

This is why our proprietary training is an integral part of our Revenue Factory (you can check out blog posts about the Revenue Factory here).  Vigorous sales training is effective.  It sets the team up for success.

This month we’ll share some of our training secrets.  You’ll learn how to quickly on-board a new salesperson and make them effectively as quickly as possible, and new ways to think about sales.  Over the course of the coming articles, you’ll meet with methodology that will challenge the way you think about how to be a salesperson and how to run a sales team.  It may be confusing and run counter to what you’ve thought of as “the right way to do sales,” but Sales is a living, evolving field.  The “right way” is constantly changing.  From the “quick smile” as the go-to tool of days’ past to the hyper-targeted messaging of the present, Sales is constantly advancing.

The articles this month will present a small taste of what we teach our team, with an overview of the most important topics. We will provide an explanation of the methodology and how it is put into practice. 

As always, feel free to contact us for more information. 

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