VizQuest and Relationship Management

The success of any business is contingent upon a consistent, genuine and maintained relationship with customers. Research shows that word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising, and clients that are self-motivated to perpetuate your business will do so out of respect for your solution and confidence that their colleagues and friends will be treated as positively as they were. Here are a few tips to cultivate the sort of confidence that inspires clients to hinge their reputation on your name:

1. Consistency: The most important thing to stress is that whatever executive that was in charge of purchasing your solution must feel engaged by your personnel. That means assigning a specific individual on your team to the executive to maintain a consistent and personal relationship with regularly scheduled interaction.

2. Updates: Depending on the service you provide, systematically updating your clients on updgrades to their solution, new solutions that also apply to their business, as well as offers that may be relevant to their colleagues, instills confidence in your efficiency and practice.

3. Networking: While you should always ask for leads from your clients, there are less explicit forms of networking. Sending your clients info on other services you offer, informing them of deals or sales, and consistent contact will all lead to more energy spent by them promoting your name.

Now, while these procedures are incredibly valuable, it is incredibly difficult to maintain this level of involvement across the board. Without a team devoted to the purpose of relationship management, some clients will naturally get left behind and your returns will dwindle. Our team at VizQuest can manage all of these processes for you:

1. Individual Reps: By assigning individual employees to your company, VizQuest guarantees a commitment towards finding the right executive. Because an individual focuses on a specific company, they are able to devote all their resources to weeding through a company’s employees until they discover the appropriate individual.

2. Name Recognition: After our reps locate the correct executive, they will strive to build the strongest possible relationship to promote continued upward progress with your company. With a strong focus on a specific individual, the rep can cultivate a familiar relationship with them and establish consistency and trust, two incredibly valuable qualities of a continuing sales relationship.

3. Product Focus: By dedicating specific reps to particular products that apply to certain executives, no time and energy is wasted on alternative projects. A completely focused agenda is the best way for reps to get their foot in the door and maintain the sales relationship, providing you with a long-term benefit while allowing you to focus on other projects. With these three areas handled entirely by VizQuest, you will be able to dedicate your employees to other tasks that do not require as singular a focus.

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