Value-Based Selling

A survey released by Harvard Business School labels sales as less than 35% efficient; a consequence of the complex nature of the sales process. Most sales people are spending the majority of their days on activities that have nothing to do with sales or revenue generation. By developing a comprehensive, value-based process, you can achieve a significant increase in sales productivity.

The Value-based Sales Approach Should Include:

1. Identification of the right opportunities – All new opportunity generation should be in line with the overall strategy.
2. Determination of a focused message – Making sure the message is articulated effectively to the sales team.
3. Development of an appropriate value proposition – Mapping the solution to effectively solve the buyer’s problem.
4. Consistent support of the sales team – Generating necessary sales materials/ Sales Force Automation/ Customer Relationship Management.

Although finding and acquiring the right sales talent is important, there are many more key success factors to consider. A streamlined process, although ultimately pulled together by an individual rep, shares responsibility across a number of business units. In this end, the understanding and execution of a value-based approach not only enhances sales performance, but also supports cohesion across the entirety of an organization.

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