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Twitter, such an interesting phenomenon. When Twitter first hit the scene I couldn’t help asking myself and others, “So, what’s the point?”  Now as I delve deeper into the marketing space it is clear that if used correctly, Twitter can prove to be a vital tool when leveraging ones business. Yesterday I viewed a webinar by Dan Zarella, a social media scientist (yes, that’s a thing) from Hubspot. I took away a lot of interesting tips of the trade on how to enhance my use of Twitter and social media strategy as a whole.

Identify yourself!

One of the first points Dan made was how important it is to provide a picture with your Twitter account. Giving a face to a name will ensure a sense of familiarity and reassure your followers that your content is coming from an actual human being. I assume the same rules apply when building a twitter account for your business. Adding the logo of your company is sure to help in the branding department! The more that people see the name of your company associated with your logo, the more embedded in their minds it will be.  Adding a bio is also vital because it lets your followers know where your interests lie and if your content will be relevant to them. Dan mentioned that people that identified themselves as experts, gurus or thought leaders had significantly more followers than those who did not. So don’t be afraid to talk yourself up!

Less is more

Timing is a very important factor in the art of tweeting. Let’s say you have a plethora of great content, and you decide to tweet it all out over the course of one hour. Your content is certain to get less recognition than if you spaced out your tweets throughout the day or week. Dan also mentioned that on Saturday and Sundays sharing rates are higher as a result of social media land being quieter on those days. Dan suggested trying to publish content on the weekends to see how it affects your share rates.

Be relevant

This concept of being relevant is one that you hear floating all around the social media sphere. And it seems pretty simple right? If you maintain a steady stream of content that is relevant to your desired audience then they will continue to care about what you have to say. This is where the idea of “combined relevance” comes into play. Dan defines “combined relevance” as tailoring your content to appeal to a specific audience by highlighting two different topics that are relevant to them. Dan used the example that his two passions in life are marketing and zombies. If someone were to publish an article titled “Best Marketing Practices by Zombies” he would feel like that article was made especially for him and would share it all over town as a result. Making your followers feel like you are publishing content just for them can be achieved with a little bit of research. Search for what your followers are tweeting about most frequently and develop some content based around those themes.

Please Retweet

In any form of marketing there is a desired outcome whether or not there is a clear call to action. With Twitter, this outcome is to gain more followers and ideally have those followers share your content to their following base. Dan shared the interesting statistic that people who ask for their posts to be retweeted get four times more retweets than those who don’t. So what’s the moral of the story? If you want something, ask for it!

In conclusion, Twitter is a key player in social media marketing today. If you aren’t integrating it into your strategy, step it up! You could be missing out on a world of opportunities. I highly recommend viewing Dan Zarella’s webinar in full, this social media scientist has it going on! You may access the webinar by clicking the link below.

Thanks for reading, and please RETWEET!

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