Trends in Business to Business Sales

In order to succeed as a salesperson in business-to-business selling, you must anticipate change in the market by adapting where appropriate and observing trends. There are various trends that have been analyzed in the past several years that will affect the ability of salesmen to obtain their goals and objectives in the upcoming years.

One of the biggest trends is having the capability to adapt to increasingly persuasive buyer procurement teams. It has been said that buyers have gained more and more power during the last few years. Companies that are heading down the right path understand that collaboration, not disputation, will enable them to get the most from their negotiations.

It should come as no surprise that technology is having an immense impact on the B2B sales industry. A statistic shows that between 57 and 70 percent of a client’s buying cycle is nearly complete before they even contact a supplier. Companies should not lose focus on the fact that it is the marketing department’s responsibility (not sales) to influence customers during the first half of their buying cycle. It is then, when once they are involved and engaged, the sales team needs to step up and be ready to sell (effectively) in a tight deadline.

Researching your customers, connecting with potential buyers, learning about industry trends, will all be vital to your business strategy. Speaking from experience, using LinkedIn (and other social media sites) to observe and learn about other company’s products and services will be beneficial in discovering future customers.

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