This is the Revenue Factory

This is the Revenue Factory

This month we will write at length about VizQuest’s proprietary business development methodology, the revenue factory.  In a phrase, it is a proven, repeatable, and scalable process that delivers the results companies need.

Over our 17 years, we’ve had the chance to use our model to help over 400 companies – everyone from fortune 500 companies like Boeing, Fidelity, and Oracle, to up-and-coming companies revolutionizing their industry, like Mathsoft and Infovista.  Our methodology works across boundaries- we’ve helped companies in industries including pharmaceuticals, software (ERP, PLM, analytics, and more), IT, finance, and energy.   You can read some testimonials here.

How exactly does our factory work?

Put simply, there are a series of inputs and a “factory” that they go through, which leads to a set of outputs – your results.  The better the equipment in the factory, the more efficiently it runs and the better the outputs.  Our factory delivers results unlike any other factory.  Take a look at our system below:

Our factory uses tools including Lean, 6-Sigma, our professional referral network, and our experienced team, to maximize your outputs.  Whether the output be bringing a new product to market, expanding internationally, creating new pipeline, or capturing major accounts, our revenue factory has been proven time and again to deliver results.

Put this way, the factory is a way to transform sales performance, delivering greater results in less time and at a lower cost than traditional sales models. This results in maximum ROI on business development investments.

The revenue factory can’t be simply defined over the course of one blog post.  Due to its complexity, we will take this whole month to explain the revenue factory, the methodology behind it, and how it is the solution to the biggest sales problems facing companies today.


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