The Value of a Large Marketing Department

A marketing team is responsible for a great deal and variety of tasks, not the least of which is maintaining a tight and direct relationship with the sales department. Companies of all sizes must invest in comparatively big teams to handle the widely varied roles a strong department can fulfill. Fortunately, there has been an overall upward trend in the amount companies are spending on marketing, indicating that average companies recognize the value of marketing teams, even in the wake of a major recession. A CMO survey performed by AMA and Duke University has revealed that since 2011, the average size of marketing departments in both B2B and B2C firms has almost tripled from 4.2% to 11% of total employees. The value of a large team is substantial in ways that are not necessarily transparent or obvious, but there are a few reasons why a company can practically never spend enough on a good marketing department.

1. Expertise: The majority of companies hire marketing individuals based on their experience and skills, with little focus on any sort of industry-specific knowledge. While the value of experience cannot be discounted, contemporary marketing has reached a stage where a compelling and attractive experience can only be provided if appropriately tailored by someone with industry expertise. A large team helps ensure a bulk of experience in both the industry and general marketing, allowing for a more accurate and successful strategy.

2. Reach: This benefit is directly related to the first; an individual with industry expertise, and thus a public presence in the industry itself, has a much more innate audience of peers than those simply experienced in marketing. A large team not only assists in your company’s scope with more people making more connections, but also with more variety in the nature of contacts. With more contacts earned in more unique ways, the range of potential consumers grows exponentially.

3. Credibility: According to Nielsen’s 2012 Trust in Advertising Report, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from individuals they know over any other form of advertising. This indicates the incredible value of interpersonal, genuine relationships being formed between marketing teams and potential customers. An opportunity is much more likely to be generated if individual interpersonal relationships can be established, as opposed to a single potential client being contacted by multiple people without much consistency. A large team with varied expertise is incredibly beneficial for maintaining these relationships.

These are just a few key examples of why investing in a sizeable marketing team can make all the difference in your company’s success. Depending on the size and nature of your company, an in-house marketing team may not be the most successful area to develop, in which case outsourcing is a key answer to efficiency and productivity.

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