The Great Challenge of Sales

There are many factors and objections that prevent a sales rep from closing a deal. The client may not have the budget or the need for a solution, your solution may be inadequate, or a combination of the three. But a more powerful force blocks more sales than all three of these objections combined: inertia.

It’s like one of those New Year’s resolutions where people will, for example, start going to the gym and be more healthy (hence the January bandwagon overcrowding the gym for the first few weeks of the year). Chances are, most resolutions just remain resolutions, similar to Newton’s first law of motion where an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion at the same speed and direction, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

All too often, companies will hit salespeople with reasons like “we’re not looking to do that right now” or “we don’t have the money for that” or “we have something in place.” When you are offering a solution that you know can and will provide legitimate value for that organization, all of these reasons are just different manifestations of inertia (or status quo). One of the top complaints that one of our clients receives from its customers is that their tool is too complicated (also another pain point in the selling process for them) because the customer has a hard time grasping the depth of the tool. Along with the sophistication, they also struggle with competing in an industry that is slow to adopt new technology (this is the industry that adopted a tool nearly a century after it was first made widely-available).

So how can you fight against that inertia? Keeping true to Newton’s First Law, we fight it with another force! Thanks to the evolving and sophisticated capabilities that the power of the internet has granted us, we are able to engage with potential buyers in more ways. People who visit your website, click on your ads or call-to-actions, or download your content are likely to be more qualified leads than just any other name.

Once you get these people to commit to even just a discovery session, that is where the ball goes to your court and it’s on you to drive that force in your favor to generate a higher level of interest. Establishing yourself as a trusted advisor is the best way to gain credibility in the eyes of the prospect. Once you can gain that trust you can then begin to challenge their status quo and processes and point out the flaws where your solution can provide value.

Remember that inertia usually occurs because customers want to stay in their comfort zone and keep things the way they are. You are providing them with something that will improve their processes, and your critical role is to approach them in a manner tailored to their business model and vision.

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