The First Criteria of a Successful Sales Rep? ORGANIZATION

On a daily basis, we interact with sales reps that miss meetings, forget names, emails, phone numbers, and even struggle using simple sales tools like Salesforce and Webex. It becomes easy for prospective customers to forget these reps and their products. Sales reps are a company’s front line in generating revenue. They must be sufficiently prepared to represent their brand.

Organization is an easy topic to preach, but difficult to teach!

With advanced CRM tools, organization and communication have become easier. However, providing a set of tools to a carpenter doesn’t mean he/she will use them correctly. Micromanaging a sales resource dilutes everyone’s productivity and rarely generates results.

The Solution?

A simple exercise I like to use is reflection. Take ten minutes at the beginning and end of each day to consider your day. Who do you need to contact? Who did you contact? What are the next steps? Have you recorded the information? What do you need to accomplish today? Tomorrow? This week…? Surprisingly, most sales reps don’t take these simple steps.

Sales are exciting and fluid. Sometimes, we all lose track of information, time, and relevance. By taking 20 minutes out of each day to reflect, you will quickly be more organized and prepared for every call, meeting and presentation.

By following the simple mantra: CLOSE, ADVANCE, FILL, you will quickly close deals, advance your pipe and fill with new contacts.

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