The Early Bird Gets The Worm

It’s no secret that the most successful sales reps are those who can create relationships with clients and act as a trusted advisor. This usually means that the reps know their customers very well and can carry discussions that go beyond work and the service they are providing. Sometimes, though, sales reps will encounter prospects who aren’t 100% honest about their business. This creates a major problem for the rep, who is trying to provide a solution that truly fits in with their needs. Obviously, you can’t accuse your prospect of lying. So what should you do?

If you suspect that your prospect isn’t being completely open with the information you need to help them, there is a science-backed way to get the truth from this person, and it starts with being an early riser. Multiple studies have proven that people are more honest in the morning. Particularly between 8 AM and 12 PM is when people are most honest. Why?

As the day goes on, we become more tired which affects our ability to make clear decisions as our willpower weakens. When we are tired, we become more inclined towards deception because our ability to resist is weaker.

So how does this apply to sales? If you’re talking to your prospect in the second half of the day, chances are that they’re more tired, thus lowering their willpower. Answering your qualification questions may be too intense for them to handle at this point, which affects the accuracy of their answers.

To combat this, consider these two steps.

Schedule your call or meeting early in the morning.
First things first: get your prospect on the phone early in the morning. This is when their willpower is at their best and increases the odds of having an honest conversation with them. Most American workers arrive at their office around 8 AM. Use this to your advantage and work to set up your calls and meetings early in the morning.

Prepare the right questions
It goes without saying that in order to help your prospect, you need accurate information to truly solve their problem(s). Some prospects will be reluctant to share information, as it may be personal or embarrassing to admit. But if you can get them on the phone earlier in the day, they might be more willing to own up to their mistakes or shortcomings and provide honest answers.
Your questions should aim to gain a better understanding of the business to help you help the buyer. Questions such as:
– Why are you considering fixing this problem now?
– Why do you want my solution?
– Where do you see this project headed 5 years from now?
– We charge X amount for our solution; will you be able to afford it?
– What challenges affect you regarding this problem?
The top salespeople create strong relationships with prospects. If you are having trouble getting the right information from them, try scheduling your calls early in the day. You might find that they are more open and honest.

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