The Biggest Distractions at the Office

In an office, there are many tempting distractions that take up our limited time throughout the day. How much an organization can achieve in a work day can be vastly different under different management. In order for a business to maximize its efficiency, distractions have to be limited. The major distractions within a business are: social media, office lingo, disorganization, and procrastination.

Social Media
In business there is good social media and there is bad social media. Good social media enables a company to extend their name to a much greater audience. However, while social media can be great for business it can also be damaging. For example, many employees feel the need to constantly check their Facebook newsfeed, or recent tweets from people they follow on Twitter. This constant distraction of social media prevents employees from completing work in a timely fashion.

Office Lingo
Many offices struggle from losing valuable time when it comes to talking about non office related issues. When it comes to networking, asking questions, or sharing information, talking t fellow employees is more than acceptable. However, once we cross over to talking about relationships or weekend plans, this is when businesses begin to lose important productivity.

Working on a messy desk can be mentally distracting. A messy computer can be distracting as well. Having two or more programs and windows open at the same time is likely too many. Clicking back and forth between pages and windows can be very annoying and time consuming. By having limited documents or pages open, it enables workers to navigate through their work at a faster pace and limit mistakes.

Many people fall into constantly checking their emails as a way to put off their work. Some businesses suggest that rather than constantly checking their emails, they should limit email checking to once an hour, unless they are expecting an important business email. After almost every sales call or meeting there is follow up work to be completed. There are proposals to go over, records to update, and the next steps in the process to get prepared. These tasks are necessary and must get done in a timely manner, however often times employees put off these tasks.

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