Tech Industry Rallying Behind Apple

Major tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and even rival Microsoft are all rallying behind Apple in its appeal against the court order unlock the iPhone 5C that was owned by the shooter in San Bernardino. The three giants, along with Box, filed an amicus brief yesterday, March 3rd. Other tech companies such as Twitter, Square, and LinkedIn have already filed a different amicus brief to join the fight against the court. Despite the competition between these tech companies, they speak with one voice in this case because their customers share their personal data with them under the trust that their data will be safeguarded. Apple refuses to help the FBI break into someone’s phone on the grounds that it is against Constitutional rights.

Last week, U.S District Court Judge Sheri Pym ordered Apple to provide assistance by giving the software that would enable the FBI to unlock the iPhone without erasing all of its contents. Recently, Apple appealed the order by suggesting that unlocking the shooters iPhone, the court is undermining basic privacy rights that people have. Apple also suggested that the court order infringed the U.S Constitution.

During a recent U.S House Judiciary Committee hearing, Microsoft President Brad Smith said that Microsoft supports Apple in the case against the FBI. Microsoft will file a legal brief in support next week for Apple. The tech companies that support Apple suggest that current laws are outdated and need to be renewed by Congress. In its filing, Apple stated, “But rather than pursue new legislation, the government backed away from Congress and turned to the courts”. Apple points out that the government doesn’t care about updating its obsolete legislation, they simply want Apple to hand over the software needed to unlock the iPhone. Thus it is quite understandable as to why many tech titans are joining the fight with Apple to battle the government in court.

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