Taking Ownership of Your Success

It’s a common message in sales: attitude is everything. It seems obvious; juvenile even. However, the subject is still relevant, far from perfected, and worthy of mention. Believe it or not, how you approach a sale may ultimately determine your success. When it comes to selling, your attitude could make or break you.

Fostering the Winning Spirit

By nature, sales are a number game. There are winners and losers. There are competitors.  Truly successful organizations embrace the competitive nature of sales. Consider some of the factors that can be combined to form the winning spirit:

  • Training
  • Culture
  • Compensation / Promotion
  • Incentives


Are You in the Game?

Although the winning spirit should be spread throughout an entire organization, there is something to be said about individual contribution. Your attitude is one of the few things you can completely control and it should be used to your advantage. Be sure to present the winning version of yourself at all times; for every call, meeting, and prospect. If one call doesn’t go your way, don’t assume all is lost. Every conversation is an opportunity to win and should be treated as such. Consider some of these options to help you maintain a positive attitude:

  • Smile: Be polite and genuine with prospects. Give them your undivided attention. Thank them for their time. Essentially, be likeable.  The more likeable you are, the easier your job becomes.
  • Set goals: Embrace the competitive spirit. Challenge yourself and your colleagues.
  • Stay positive: Don’t throw a personal ‘pity-party’ when things are bad.  Determine what keeps you going and stick to it.

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