Take the Time to Troubleshoot the Targets

For every product, there is an ideal target market that is waiting to be tapped. It seems like an easy task on paper; to determine what types of people a product should be marketed toward. However, one can never fully understand whether the market is applicable without actually diving into the trenches and getting their hands dirty.

For every one time that an appropriate contact is generated, there are probably 10, if not 20 others who don’t quite fit the mold. Infinite amounts of time can be wasted trying to get a hold of someone who may or may not ultimately be the person you are looking for. Unfortunately, it is often after weeks of phone tag, voicemails and call backs that one finally realizes that “John Smith” shouldn’t have been a priority in their target market.

Not to say that this is 100% avoidable, but in today’s day and age, there are creative ways of better honing in on your target, and avoiding fruitless dials. Through the use of social networking and by having the luxury of endless information at your fingertips, one can troubleshoot what types of positions and people they should be attempting to reach.

After applying intellect into determining the initial market, proxy contacts can be gathered through websites such as LinkedIn, Company Pages, Google Searches, and Zoom Info. By using small amounts of easily compiled names and numbers, an organization can get a better feel for whether their initial targets are, in fact, the proverbial bull’s eye that they should be aiming for. In the end, this can help to promote efficiency through cutting out needless calls, and allow you to fully invest resources into what is a guaranteed area of desirability.

Although it may seem like a common sense process, often it is the simplest things that tend to get overlooked. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion and excitement of thinking you know exactly who you need to focus on, but when push comes to shove, the minute amounts of time that would be spent on troubleshooting a target market can truly help to fertilize your long term harvest.

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