“We were excited to engage an organization like VizQuest, that could help us with both identify strategic partners for one business unit and help drive sales opportunities supporting our direct sales organization in a separate business unit,”
– Scott Paddock, Sr. Vice President, RWD


RWD is a leading professional services organization that has the capabilities to provide the end users of complex technologies with the necessary skills and technical support systems that improve their performance as well as the quality of their work. RWD believes an organization’s power lies in the performance of their frontline employees and their ability to collaborate effectively. Their innovative approach aligns people, processes, organization, intent, and leadership to ensure frontline employees successfully optimize performance, transform businesses, and make a measurable impact on their bottom line. RWD has more than 20 years of experience honing our practices across multiple industries, including finance, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, manufacturing, automotive, rail, telecommunications, healthcare, and consumer products.


RWD needed to restructure their direct sales organizations and drive new opportunities, as numbers had been flat for the past 3‐years. Their main challenge was breaking into large Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical companies with complex ERP and CRM implementation and deployment issues. RWD had an ongoing strategic partnership with a major enterprise application provider and had successful engagements with that technology, but they wanted to penetrate new unexplored markets, in order to expand to other major enterprise applications for ERP and CRM solutions.

RWD needed a consistent stream of high-quality opportunities within these target markets, in order to improve the productivity of their under‐performing sales team. They needed to engage major new accounts in Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industries, but their current sales organization lacked the resources and bandwidth necessary to achieve this. RWD needed a stream of high-quality opportunities in order to increase their sales pipeline and grow revenue.


RWD made the decision to partner with VizQuest and implement their proprietary Major Account Capture program to target and close deals with new accounts. The program leveraged VizQuest’s proprietary Major Account Action Plan (MAAP) that effectively and efficiently selected and examined major accounts in Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals in order to capitalize on their specific needs. It employed VizQuest’s Revenue Factory Model to rapidly identify, engage, and compel target decision makers in order to produce high-quality opportunities for RWD. VizQuest implemented their market research capabilities, sales tools, and professional referral network in order to produce a sustained stream of Validated Sales Opportunities (VSO’s). A VSO is a confirmed prospective buyer, such as a key influencer or decision maker, who has the right situation, problem, or opportunity that a company’s solution addresses. They have serious intent to investigate a solution and there is a defined action item for advancing the sale after the decision maker has seen a sales presentation.

VizQuest partnered with RWD’s sales team to develop goals and objectives of the program. They developed and employed a go‐to‐market strategy and plan in order to best present RWD’s solution for revenue optimization. VizQuest worked to both identify strategic partners to help drive sales opportunities in the Life Sciences market. VizQuest was able to leverage its knowledge and Executive relationships in the Pharmaceutical market to rapidly penetrate target accounts. This resulted in a steady stream of high-quality opportunities which RWD capitalized on to increase their sales pipeline.


VizQuest produced 26% revenue increase over the course of a year. VizQuest helped RWD create a presence and gain customers in new markets. They delivered a steady stream of high-quality opportunities, resulting in new accounts that include: Astra Zeneca, Abbott Labs, Bristol Myers Squibb, Alcon Labs, Biogen, and Invacare. VizQuest became the primary new business development engine for product offering to the Life Sciences segment.