Rodan Energy is a leading North American smart grid company delivering innovative energy solutions to large consumers, distributors and power producers. Combining their expertise in metering, Distributed Generation, EMIS (energy management information system), data management and demand response, Rodan Energy is helping to develop a sustainable energy future in North America.

Rising Global Adjustment (GA) costs are forcing many commercial energy users in Ontario, Canada to begin implementing strategies to reduce their GA. Rodan Energy’s energy management software (EMIS) helps to identify opportunities to change how a site consumes energy. Being able to understand how energy is used at a facility enables them to manage their energy budget and take control of their energy usage. This effective energy management software combined with distributed energy resources (DER) plays a significant role in reducing total energy spend.


Rodan Energy had recently acquired a leading energy analytics provider and it resulted in a new addition to their solution offerings. This new solution was EMIS and it was the catalyst for extending their sales reach into a fast-growing market. An increasing number of competitors were also targeting the same market to combat global adjustment charges with comparable solutions. Rodan was finding it more difficult to differentiate.

With the addition of a new product, a new sales team, and all of the disruptive changes that come with an acquisition, Rodan Energy had difficulty finding the right opportunities. They needed to be able to target the right sized customer, with the right motivations, and budget to invest in an EMIS solution. The leads that were coming in were low quality and did not fit their sales criteria for a sales opportunity. Valuable time was being wasted. The sales reps were also new to the solution, which was a challenge. This slow growth was not ideal, especially in a market that had such big opportunities.


Rodan Energy decided to seek out help. VizQuest was hired to develop 40 VSOs for DER and EMIS over a 6-month period. They implemented their proprietary Revenue Factory sales model to produce Validated Sales Opportunities (VSOs). VSOs are confirmed prospective that match up with your company’s solution. They are typically the right target company, a decision maker with the right problem or situation, with access to budget, and a strong driver for deploying the solution that your company offers. VSOs have a close rate of 30-50% which is massively more productive than the traditional lead or appointment close rate of 1-3%.

By delivering highly qualified sales opportunities or VSOs to Rodan Energy’s sales team, it guaranteed them a better success rate of converting those leads to actual customers. With a dedicated sales partner concentrating their efforts on large-scale energy users and validating them beforehand, it resulted in a shorter learning curve for Rodan Energy’s sales reps. 

Rodan also benefited from a comprehensive outbound campaign as part of VizQuest’s Revenue Factory approach. This included targeted emails leveraging VizQuest’s executive network, warm-calls, webinars, and market surveys. With minimal effort, this multi-touch campaign drove progress and created valuable content that Rodan could leverage.


After 6 months, Rodan Energy was able to overcome the obstacles that typically come with an acquisition, a new product, and a transitioning sales team with VizQuest’s Revenue Factory program. By receiving validated sales opportunities with a 50% close rate, the sales team was more effective in their own processes. By creating a consistent, scalable flow of high-quality sales opportunities, VizQuest accelerated revenue growth for Rodan Energy and saw a 278% increase in new business development. Rodan Energy also saw faster sales cycles than expected. In just 6 short months, VizQuest was able to deliver over 50 VSOs. Some of the select companies that VizQuest helped Rodan Energy break into included, Sargento Foods, Vera Bradley, Cooper Standard, and Nestle.