Polyplan Technologies


Polyplan Technologies, a private company based in Montreal, Canada, is a technology leader in manufacturing planning. Polyplan reduces errors between Engineering and Manufacturing through the implementation of their proprietary cMPM (collaborative Manufacturing Process Management) solution. This proven solution enables concurrent engineering and opens consistent and timely channels of communication to effectively bridge the gap between Manufacturing & Engineering. This delivers cost reduction, risk reduction, and simplification.


Polyplan executives aspired to aggressively penetrate the attractive U.S. market in order to increase pipeline, yet they lacked the internal resources, expertise and sales organization to achieve this. In fact, Polyplan had only one U.S. based sales agent attempting to gain visibility in the market. They were a 10‐person company with 1 customer – Bombardier. They had no strategic sales process that could position their solution in order to effectively and efficiently penetrate the market and develop high-quality opportunities.

Their main goal was to establish their product visibility in the US market, capturing the attention of major new accounts with a need for their specific solution. Without sales and business development resources, internal support focus, and bandwidth, Polyplan faced several problems in trying to introduce their product in the US market and increase sales pipeline. They needed to expand customer base and generate new revenue streams in order to stay in business and were looking for a potential exit strategy, such as an acquisition, IPO, or merger.


Polyplan chose VizQuest to help them address these challenges. VizQuest implemented their proprietary New Product Introduction program, which accelerated the adoption of Polyplan’s solution in the market. The program employed VizQuest’s flagship New Product Introduction (NPI) processes and Revenue Factory Model to rapidly identify, engage, qualify and capture accounts. VizQuest collaborated with Polyplan to identify target markets and strategic account focus for the VizQuest team to penetrate and capture. They utilized their NPI experience, referral network, and sales experts to capture new customers, develop opportunities, and close sales. The program gave Polyplan new revenue streams, faster time to market and profitability, reduced break‐even time, and minimized capital burn.

VizQuest did this by producing a sustained stream of Validated Sales Opportunities (VSO’s). A VSO is a confirmed prospective buyer, such as a key influencer or decision maker, who has the right situation, problem, or opportunity that a company’s solution addresses. They have serious intent to investigate a solution, and there is a defined action item for advancing the sale after the buyer has seen a sales presentation.

VizQuest acted as Polyplan’s Sales and Business Development team in order to leverage their expertise and produce VSOs. VizQuest developed a strategy to target PTC ProEngineer accounts, which included creating a new value proposition and aggressive market penetration. They targeted companies with a need for cMPM, and engaged with senior level executives in order to highlight Polyplan’s value. This resulted in a steady stream of high-quality opportunities with PTC accounts that Polyplan capitalized on, leading to increased sales pipeline and heightened value for their solution. Increased market visibility and company value made Polyplan a lucrative target for an acquisition.


In 6‐months, VizQuest increased Polyplan’s sales pipeline by 500% and secured new partnerships with premier PTC accounts such as BAE, Eaton, Borg Warner, Boeing, ATK, and General Dynamics. The company began discussing a potential partnership with PTC’s Sales team, which led to more strategic M&A discussions. The success of the program, combined with the momentum VizQuest established within PTC strategic accounts was the catalyst for PTC to eventually acquire Polyplan in a very attractive and high valued deal.