Data Alliance


Datalliance has specialized in helping companies implement and operate successful Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs since 1991. They offer a full range of VMI capabilities that allow for optimal results and efficiency. Datalliance offers software that is highly effective for any product mix, has the power to support any replenishment model, and is scalable to any number of locations, making it an ideal fit for many companies. As a pioneer in offering Vendor Managed Inventory as an Internet-based ‘On Demand’ service using the ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) approach, Datalliance has more experience in this field than just about anyone in the world.


Completely changing a company’s process is a daunting task, and therefore makes people reluctant to take risks and change their ways. This was the main reason why Datalliance struggled; even though they had a great program, people were reluctant to take a risk and adopt their solution. They struggled to get into these consumer goods companies. Their limited sales team had dedicated most of their time and focus on managing existing accounts to retain them. While they did do a little bit of hunting for new clients, they just didn’t have the manpower or time to sufficiently commit to this important task. Overall, their lead generation programs were weak, and salespeople felt a huge burden since they were already dealing with current customers and internal company operations. They felt like they could not successfully take on another large duty. Datalliance was unable to fill their pipeline, had weak leads that were not working or qualified, and could not contact the right person to make the decision to adopt their program, so they turned to VizQuest for help.


Datalliance enlisted VizQuest’s help in order to develop Validated Sales Opportunities (VSOs) in the largest consumer goods companies globally to help fill their pipeline and grow their business. We implemented our unique “Pipeline Plus” method and customized it to Datalliance to effectively, efficiently, and rapidly build Datalliance’s sales pipeline through the creation of VSOs. Pipeline Plus is our proprietary comprehensive business development program that accelerates revenue growth by creating a consistent, scalable flow of the highest quality sales opportunities; ultimately, enabling their sales team to be more productive to maximize yield on sales capacity.

With VizQuest’s expertise, they were able to get in contact with senior executives and strategically position the VMI solution in order to create opportunities within these huge companies. VizQuest was able to help lock down some of the largest consumer goods companies for Datalliance. Together Datalliance and VizQuest continued to work collaboratively with their sales team in order to get these leads into the next level of closure.


Even though they had high expectations and set aggressive growth targets of 20% annually, and had a target of 15 validated sales opportunities per month. By working with Datalliance for about a year, VizQuest was able to help them achieve both of their goals. We produced 15 VSOs per month, for 12 consecutive months. The company had record growth during the time we worked with them, as we helped delivered over $3.6 million in revenue. Using our Pipeline Plus we were able to generate a sales pipeline of over $32 million in collaboration with Datalliance. Regarding capturing larger consumer goods companies, we were able to capture the following well-known companies: Coca-Cola, Constellation Brands, Cracker Barrel, Edmunds Optics, Emerson Electric, Genuine Parts, and Unilever, as well as many more. Datalliance continues to thrive as they manage millions of SKUs and billions of dollars in sales orders, allowing them to remain as a leading VMI service provider in a wide range of industries, markets, products, and locations.