Blinco Systems


Blinco Systems Inc. is a privately-owned software company, based in Toronto, Canada, that specializes in Global Commerce Management (GCM) software solutions for importers, exporters, third-party logistics providers, distributors, and brand management companies. The company is known for its flagship product, 3rd Wave GCM solutions. Its solutions provide a convergence platform for managing and executing global trade functions in a client-server environment. 3rdwave’s GCM solution manages manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution across international boundaries with a real-time, 360-degree view of the world.


Blinco had developed a top-notch product that required substantial investment. The issue was with packaging, and bringing the product to market. Once Blinco had developed their supply chain solution, they realized that the market, as well as the technology, had changed; particularly in the import and export market. Regulatory requirements, custom border patrol, and form requirements were just a few of the issues that were presented to Blinco. Blinco’s Sales and Business Development team lacked a sufficient partner to assist in mapping out the market, obtaining a primary customer base and developing a proper product roadmap. They needed to capture the leading accounts and solidify an ample sales pipeline, in order to eventually dominate.


Blinco needed VizQuest to lead a successful campaign that would fulfill these objectives. VizQuest implemented their propriety methodology and rapidly built Blinco’s sales pipeline through the creation of Validated Sales Opportunities (VSO). A VSO is a confirmed prospective buyer, such as a key influencer or decision maker, who has the right situation, problem, or opportunity that a company’s solution addresses. Through analyzing the competitive landscape and understanding the target market as well as the market drivers, VizQuest worked with Blinco’s sales and business development team to outsource this solution and firmly secure top prospects.


VizQuest has been a partner for a few years now and have delivered great results. VizQuest successfully helped build a pipeline business efficiently and cost-effectively based on their budget and helped Blinco redefine the market by doing the selling as well as business development work. VizQuest brought on other partners to refine their solution such as TRG to make the solution more complete. By acting as Blinco’s sales and business development team, VizQuest produced over 120 VSOs in 12 months. Additionally, VizQuest collaborated with Blinco to generate a sales pipeline worth over $14 million as well as capturing their first customers. Some of the major accounts they captured for Blinco include Alcoa, Continental Automotive, CVS, Dole Foods, Bosch, Eaton, Komatsu America, Yazaki and many more.