AeroDynamic Solutions

ADS Case Study


AeroDynamic Solutions (ADS) is a privately held company, headquartered in San Jose, California, that is dedicated to crafting the world’s best turbomachinery CFD software. The company was a spin-out from United Technology (UTC), a multi-billion dollar aerospace equipment manufacturer. Based on forefront innovations, the company has been able to package 30 years of real-world design experience and cutting-edge aerospace application into its advanced flow solver “Leo” and turbomachinery-optimized mesh generator “Wand.” With ADS, turbomachinery makers can design with confidence, liberating themselves from mesh breakdowns, long iteration cycles and predictive accuracy challenges that have long afflicted general purpose CFD codes. The simplicity of the CFD software allows their customers to do what they do best: design.

Some of the marquee customers of ADS are UTC, Air Force, NASA, Williams International and more. These are leading designers of high-performance turbo-machinery.


ADS is well versed in the aerospace industry but was facing difficulty breaking into new accounts. As a self-funded start-up company, they were desperate for revenue and lacked brand recognition and a customer base. Although the company was founded by an industry expert, they were running out of personal connections to leverage to gain business. While ADS had quality CFD products, they lacked the resources and processes to generate sales. The lack of notoriety prevented ADS from generating sales and effectively capturing new customers. With a new CDF tool that is used to optimize the performance of turbo-machinery, it was crucial for ADS to gain more connections in order to generate new revenues to fund the scaling of the business. Without adequate internal sales and business development resources, sales model, and the inability to capture new customers, ADS faced an uphill battle.

ADS needed to develop a more consistent and sustainable stream of sales opportunities and capture new major accounts in order to significantly increase their sales pipeline and revenue. They needed to expand the business into new markets in order to obtain higher quality sales opportunities and close more deals necessary for company sustainability.


Because of these challenges, ADS decided to seek help from VizQuest. VizQuest was hired to deliver Validated Sales Opportunities (VSOs) in a crowded vertical to help drive sales for ADS. Using a proprietary strategy, they implemented their Revenue Factory sales model to produce VSOs and accelerate the development of new revenue streams. A VSO is a confirmed prospective buyer, such as a key influencer or decision maker, who has the right situation, problem, or opportunity that a company’s solution addresses. VSOs have a close rate of 30-50% which is massively more productive than the traditional lead or appointment close rate of 1-3%. ADS’ sales team was guaranteed better lead to customer conversion rates through VizQuest’s ability to deliver highly qualified sales opportunities or VSOs.

ADS also benefited from a comprehensive outbound campaign as part of VizQuest’s Revenue Factory approach. By creating multi‐touch‐point campaigns and leveraging their extensive referral network, VizQuest was able to develop opportunities and close sales for ADS. This included targeted emails leveraging VizQuest’s executive network, warm-calls, webinars, and market surveys. With minimal effort from ADS, VizQuest was able to drive progress and create valuable content that ADS could leverage.


After-months, through VizQuest’s Revenue Factory program, VizQuest was able to generate more results than ADS was able to in 2 years. Through VizQuest’s program, they were able to conduct a webinar that focused on how simulations can tie to real world experimentation. VizQuest’s multi-touch-point channels enabled ADS to generate sales, improve brand recognition, and increase their customer base. Their sales team was more effective in their own processes due to VizQuest’s ability to deliver VSOs with a 50% close rate. By creating a consistent, scalable flow of high quality sales opportunities, VizQuest accelerated revenue growth for ADS and saw a 185% increase in new business development.ADS also saw faster sales cycles than expected. VizQuest was able to help ADS break into 6 F500 companies, including 3 in the F100. VizQuest was able to break into 75% of the top turbo-machinery design companies. Some of the new business opportunities included companies like, Textron, Bombardier, Siemens, Honeywell, Boeing and UTC.