“VizQuest’s comprehensive approach to helping us increase Enlighten.Net sales and profits makes Pipeline Plus completely unique to anything else in the market. The results we have achieved far exceeded the metrics we agreed to at the beginning of the engagement.”
‐ Jan Chapin, President, DISC


DISC (Distributor Information Systems Corporation) is a provider of enterprise software solutions and services for fluid power distributors. Once a family owned company, it became a leading supplier of business software and services for industrial distributors, manufacturers, manufacturers’ reps and job shops. For almost 25 years, DISC has been leading the way in software solutions in North America for over 315 distributors.


DISC wanted to launch their new software, Enlighten.Net as a new product in the market, in order to increase their revenue and spin it out as a separate company. DISC initially developed Enlighten.Net as a tool created to handle the knowledge management needs of their company, but soon realized the software could have immense value for other companies as well. They wanted to take Enlighten.Net to market, but faced setbacks in their plans. There was no angle for successfully launching the product in the market, as their current sales team did not have the bandwidth to divert attention away from current pipeline.

With limited sales, marketing, and business development resources, DISC needed to find a new distribution channel, raise Enlighten.Net’s value, and accelerate sales pipeline. They wanted to develop a stream of high quality accounts within industries that had a need for the Enlighten.Net solution. In order to successfully launch the product and eventually spin it out as a new company, they needed to develop market visibility and create partnerships with major new accounts that saw value in their solution. They needed a new sales and business development program that would optimize their efforts in attracting new accounts and gaining market share. They wanted to produce a steady stream of quality opportunities.


DISC turned to VizQuest to lead a successful campaign that would fulfill these objectives. VizQuest implemented their proprietary methodology, Pipeline PlusTM to effectively, efficiently, and rapidly build DISC’s sales pipeline through the creation of Validated Sales Opportunities (VSO). A VSO is a confirmed prospective buyer, such as a key influencer or decision maker, who has the right situation, problem, or opportunity that a company’s solution addresses. They have serious intent to investigate a solution, and there is a defined action item for advancing the sale after the buyer has seen a sales presentation. VSOs create shorter sales cycles and better ROI on business development investments. Pipeline Plus, a comprehensive business development program accelerated revenue growth by creating a consistent, scalable flow of the highest quality sales opportunities; enabling DISC’s Sales team to be more productive to maximize yield on sales capacity. VizQuest executed their Revenue Factory Model to rapidly identify and engage target decision markers. They created multi‐touch‐point campaigns and leveraged their extensive referral network to develop opportunities and close sales for DISC’s solution.

VizQuest’s aggressive sales approach gave DISC the leverage it needed for a successful launch, as well as the ability to break into a new market. The VizQuest sales team developed a commercial look and package for the product and defined the target markets to focus on, which allowed for a well defined channel of distribution. New and unique customer value propositions were created to highlight DISC’s dominant value and the key attributes of Enlighten.Net. DISC was given the opportunity to break into the pharmaceutical market which they had been trying to do for years. Once Enlighten.Net was introduced to the market, VizQuest drove revenue and pipeline growth significantly, amplifying DISC’s market presence and creating opportunity for a successful spin‐off. By aggressively penetrating the market and focusing on presenting their solution to key players in the target industry, VizQuest provided a steady stream of high quality opportunities for DISC, which lead to increased sales pipeline and accelerated revenue growth.


VizQuest produced $25M in new sales pipeline and hundreds of VSOs for DISC over the course of 2 years. VizQuest’s aided DISC in the extremely lucrative product launch of Enlighten.Net. Once a product developed solely for internal use, Enlighten.Net was now being distributed in new markets, such as the pharmaceutical industry. DISC successfully spun Enlighten.Net off as an individual company after its value rapidly grew.