Stop Sending Pointless Emails

If you’re involved in any way in the world of sales, whether you’re the one dialing the phone or receiving the call, you’ve definitely come across the oh-so-famous follow up email. You know, the generic “Hey John Doe, it’s been a while since we last spoke so I just wanted to follow up with you. Thanks.” Even if you include the prospect’s name, the message is too generic and leaves a prospect with no reason to take the time to respond to your email. However, by including a few critically important points in your emails, reps can start sending emails that will actually induce a response from customers. Keep these items in mind when writing sales emails.

Include a call to action. As the sales rep, you are likely to be the one initiating contact in any sales calls as well as moving forward. This is why the call to action is important, whether you put it in the subject line or at the end of the email. You have to detail the next steps in the process in order to achieve success.
Including a CTA can possibly boost a prospect’s curiosity as well, as they might be driven to follow up with you if they have a general idea of what will happen next and want to see if it does.

Some examples of easy CTAs to include:

– Ask what time would work well for them to get on the phone with you
– Offer a product demonstration to pique their interest
– Ask what they would like to do to take this deal to the next phase.

Personalize. It’s a given that you include the prospect’s first name in the email. But get a little more personal than that. We have the internet now, which gives us access to much more information about one another. Sales reps can now find out where their prospect works, how long they’ve been working there, where they’re from, and more.
With all this knowledge available, sales reps should personalize each one of their sales emails; after all, sales is all about developing personal relationships.

Simple sound bites such as these can help:

– Hope all is well in [prospect’s hometown] and the rain isn’t too bad
– By the way, I read your blog post on X subject, and I’d love to chat a bit more about it
– Sorry to hear that [x sports team] lost! That was a close game.

Add some content. Content does affect how customers make their buying decisions. People value trustworthy content, and they do read what others say about a product or service.
While using content to help drive sales isn’t a new idea, it’s still not widely adopted. Sending a story about a similar situation the prospect is in where your product or service helped solve their problems is huge for sparking interest.

Good, easy content ideas can be:

– Case studies or testimonials. Customers love hearing from other customers, the same way we like to read reviews on new gadgets before we purchase them. This is a great way to boast about your product or service without actually doing it yourself; someone else does it for you.

– A blog post from you. Writing blog posts can help build your credibility, and it is available to anyone. Producing some content about the industry you are trying to sell to is a great way to help boost your credibility. Be sure to share this content with your prospects after you write it, as it gives you the additional benefit of having a reason to reach out to them.

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