Status Quo; The Enemy of Every Sales Representative

Those of you who have been involved in any kind of sales call know what I mean. You find yourself and your offering, ignored for no reason. No reason other than the fact that passive leads don’t know what they don’t know. And they don’t want to know….or so they think.

And you, the rep, have to change their mind.

This task can be achieved effectively; as long as a few pivotal factors are taken into consideration.

The Message
o It goes without saying that the strength of the underlying message, what you are saying, is imperative to being heard. Equally as important, however, is how the message is being conveyed.

The Need
o In terms of conveying the message, the basis must lay in customer need. Nice-to-know information is, well, nice. But nice won’t help you close sales. Your information must come across as critical need-to-know information that should be made a priority. If it doesn’t, then there is potential for it to be easily dismissed.

The Process
o When identifying and attacking customer needs, don’t be afraid to do just that –attack. The connotation of the word is often negative, but it shouldn’t always be. The attack, as in vigorous or dedicated pursuit, of sales is a good thing. You may find instilling a bit of fear is beneficial as well.

After all, what better way is there to tackle complacency than to prove its pitfalls, and subsequently, the need for your service?

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