Stage-Gate Sales Process

The stage-gate model is a way of managing a project in which everything is divided into stages (or phases), separated by gates. At each of these gates, the continuation of the process is decided by a leader or dedicated team, so the process can come to a halt if it isn’t ready to move through the gate. The decision to proceed or stop is based on the information available at the time, which is usually a large amount of ever-changing variables that need to be more closely analyzed and assessed.

VizQuest has adopted this technique and uses it as the general backbone of how we have produced VSOs for hundreds of companies.  Stage-gate models can get incredibly convoluted and complex depending on the company and their wants/needs, I’ll explain how VizQuest uses the stage-gate model in the proprietary Revenue Factory methodology and will give a brief description of what we do at each stage.

STAGE 1: Gather Information

VizQuest actually has a long and comprehensive list of inputs we need from the client, like how they present their product, what makes it a superior product, and what kinds of markets the client has reached out to in the past.

STAGE 2: Immersion Framework

– Done hand-in-hand with the client, VizQuest decides what we should be saying to the people we reach out to, or at least the general guidelines of what we should say.  It is during this stage that we create our value proposition and realize what types of objections we could run into.

STAGE 3: Independent Research

VizQuest begins looking at the market closely at this stage, researching into how exactly the client’s product or service will benefit others in the companies we’ll be reaching out to.  We take the time to examine the competitive landscape while also comparing the product to others and seeing if there are visible trends.

STAGE 4/5: Campaign Setup / Train Team

These two stages are run simultaneously at VizQuest, we set up our sales campaigns utilizing services like Jigsaw, LinkedIn, and Inside View, we then manage all of our contacts and campaigns through Salesforce.  At the same time are team of sales representatives and marketers are receiving very personalized training to ensure their effectiveness during the sales campaign.  VizQuest prides itself on the amount of training it is able to provide its rainmaking business development team.

STAGE 6: Run Campaign

The starting gun goes off!  We deliver the promised results to our clients and continue to develop and evolve our campaigns while being flexible and adaptive with any changes in the market.  VizQuest keeps in close contact with our clients and consistently provide them with status updates on the campaign.

VizQuest has successfully utilized this stage-gate process hundreds of times and the displayed stages above are just describe a fraction of what actually takes place!  If you have any questions about the stage-gate model or would like help creating one for your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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