Major Account Capture

Capture new accounts for your business

VizQuest identifies, engages and captures major new accounts for your business through the Major Account Capture program. We leverage our F500 Senior Executive relationships and referral network and our proprietary major account action plan (MAAP) and sales expertise to develop new major accounts for your business.  

Notable Successes


“VizQuest’s leadership has helped us jump start our efforts to become independent. Their market validation and rapid market penetration were instrumental in securing the financial stability needed to take the next step.”
– Scott Prey, CEO, InfoStructure Systems – A Boeing Ventures Company

Proven Results:

  • $890M in major account pipeline and revenues produced
  • Developed new business in all F500.
  • Producing validated sales pipeline in 4 weeks from program kickoff
  • Thousands of CXO, VP and Director relationships in F500 accounts

Key Benefits:

  • Capture new major accounts for your product or service
  • Reduce time and investment to develop major accounts
  • Acquire larger revenue transactions and order size
  • Gain critical mass and credibility in target markets

How Major Account Capture is Executed:

  • We work with you to define program goals, objectives, and timeframe for desired results. We work with you to define program goals, objectives, a time frame for desired results and which major accounts need to be captured.
  • We leverage our proprietary Major Account Action Plan (MAAP) that effectively and efficiently selects and examines major accounts in order to capitalize on their specific needs.
  • We employ our market research capabilities and sales tools to identify initiatives, needs, requirements, and budgets of target companies.
  • We execute our Revenue Factory Model to rapidly identify, engage, compel and qualify target decision makers.
  • We leverage our network of over 1-thousand CXOs and VPs in F500 accounts to develop opportunities and close sales for your solution.

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