Contact to Closure

Generate New Revenue for your Solution

VizQuest’s Contact-to-Closure program generates new revenue for your solution. The VizQuest team will collaborate with you to determine goals, objectives, time frame and develop a strategy to generate pipeline, revenue, and profit for new or existing products or services.

Notable Successes



“VizQuest was an integral part of our sales and business development team. They were able to become fully immersed in our business, markets, and solutions. They were a well-oiled sales machine and were able to produce significant revenues for several Dendrite products and services. Their team and process are truly best in class.”
– Dan Page, VP of Sales Operations, Cegedigm/Dendrite

Proven Results:

  • $4.6B in pipeline and revenues produced
  • Delivered target results for over 160 companies
  • Producing validated sales pipeline in 4 weeks from program kickoff
  • Contributed to the harvest event of Clients (IPO, M&A, funding, etc.)

Key Benefits:

  • Produce new revenue streams
  • Capture new customers
  • Improve Sales and Business Development ROI
  • Increase market share
  • Accelerate scale, growth and critical mass

How Contact-to-Closure is Executed:

  • We work with you to define program goals, objectives, and timeframe for revenue generation.
  • We execute our Revenue Factory model to produce revenue and new customers efficiently, effectively and fast.
  • We collaborate with you to identify target markets and strategic account focus for the VizQuest team to penetrate and capture.
  • We dedicate our proven team of Sales and Business Development Rainmakers to selling your solution.
  • We leverage our network of over 1M Senior Executives to develop opportunities and close sales for your solution.
  • We leverage sales force automation and proprietary sales tools to accelerate results.


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