Channel Catalyst

Drive Successful Channel Sales Performance

VizQuest’s Channel Catalyst Program delivers successful Channel sales performance. The VizQuest team will collaborate with you to determine goals, objectives, time frame and develop a strategy to generate pipeline, revenue, and profit for new or existing sales channels.

Notable Successes:


“VizQuest was able to increase the sales and revenue performance of our Partners by a factor of 75% in 12 months.”
Randy Selesky, SVP of Business Development, RWD

Proven Results:

  • $290M in Channel revenues produced
  • $480M in sales pipeline to Channel partners generated
  • Developed a network of 950 global Channel partners
  • Produces results within 5-weeks

Key Benefits:

  • Develop new high-performance Channel partners
  • Increase channel pipeline and revenue
  • Improve channel mindshare and ROI
  • Increase sales capacity and market presence
  • Eliminate the 80/20 scenario (where 80% of sales are delivered by just 20% of the channel)

How Channel Catalyst is Executed:

  • We work with you to define program goals, objectives and time frame for results.
  • We dedicate a team of Channel experts to rapidly develop and produce desired results.
  • We implement our proprietary Channel Catalyst framework and Revenue Factory model to produce revenue and market capture results faster than traditional models.
  • We leverage our referral network of over 1M Senior Executives and 950 global channel organizations.
  • We will work with you to ensure your entire Channel network is achieving desired pipeline and revenue targets.

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