Maximize Time for Selling and Relationship Building

Quick tips to jump start your productivity and maximize time for selling and relationship building!

Free up time of sales reps.

By following a sales path from end-to-end, it will become visible where the process breaks down. Once the sales path is mapped, solutions can be developed and standardized. This will not only free up time of sales reps so they can dedicate more time to selling, but will also eliminate duplication of activities. By making sales operations more efficient, sales reps will spend less time on non-sales activities and spend more time on actually selling.

Advisory Board.

By asking a few employees to serve on an advisory board, they can analyze each step carefully and reveal where there are lags in the company. The board will be able to provide feedback at each step allowing the sales cycle to become more efficient.

Executives can’t be afraid.

They have to be willing to initiate change within their processes, even though there is always the risk of jeopardizing revenue. They also have to work together. Executives from different departments must come together in order to recognize and pursue opportunities. They must take initiative to sit down, analyze data, and talk about what’s not working. There must be a top executive overseeing this collaboration to ensure that the best outcome is produced, and that it is not clouded by politics or former ways.

Stick to the new system.

It is important for sales reps to stick to the new systems, even if they think their old ways were more effective. The growth and proliferation of sales channels will naturally re-inject non-selling activities into a sale rep’s day, so fighting this requires vigilance. Sales reps’ old habits would predispose them to drop everything and immediately address a customer who demands a quick answer, even though a modern sales mechanism set in place would handle the issue both better and faster.

Set goals.

Implementing changes that affect the entire sales process isn’t easy. However, if sales operations can be streamlined and back-office overlaps reduced, then customer satisfaction will improve when deals close quickly and problems are resolved promptly. In order to help the transition, setting steep goals for sales reps—such as the number of meetings with new customers per week—will force them to trust the process as these results would not be achievable without the switch.

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