Sell Your Passion: Identify it. Bank on it.

Sales is the key to success.

It is an art, and art takes practice. In sales the practice never stops. We are always revising our communication methods so we can ask the right questions to receive the desired answer—YES. When a sales leader is given the opportunity to sell multiple items, they will identify (a) Which one they know best and (b) Which has the most potential. More often than not, this is the same item.

To be an effective sales leader, one must look within and identify where the passion lies. If you cannot identify this passion, then it is unlikely you will sell successfully—whether it is a product, service or an idea. Passion is something that cannot be fabricated (although this can be attempted). For sales leaders, being upfront and honest with oneself is just as important as being transparent with a prospect: “This is what I’m selling, this is how it works, and this is why it’s best”. Your prospect will believe in what you sell if you truly know it inside and out.

The most up-and-coming sales leaders will not sell unsatisfactory goods and services. They will sell what they believe in. This approach ensures that the right products are on the shelves, and everybody is happy. You cannot ensure growth if you sell garbage, even with a terrific smile.

What will you sell?

-Matt Kelly

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