Sell Value, Not Price

The first time I spoke to customers on the phone, I quickly jumped to price as a conversation point. After a few attempts, I realized this strategy actually swaps the roles between me, the salesperson, and my customer. Once price is introduced, the customer no longer cares about the product or their own benefits. The conversation quickly becomes an empty negotiation over budget, rather than product, value, benefit, and functionality.

In order for a sales call to have any depth, the extensiveness of the call must touch on the bases mentioned above. You want your target market to understand what they are purchasing. It is to add value to their company. It is not to buy something because it is cheap. We are not selling chic kitchen ware that collects dust by the sink. We are selling tools that have an ROI. Price should not be a concern because if we have done our research in the original questions and discovered an opportunity, the product we provide will actually create value and thus, supersede budgetary constraints.

If the product is discussed, it is more likely that the customer will want to use it and incorporate it in their own business model. Be smart and be observant while the shallow salesperson creates more talk, but not use.

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