Sales Operations for Small and Medium Size Businesses

Sales operations, for any company, regardless of size, is incredibly demanding.  According to HBR, the biggest challenge for sales ops leaders is delivering a huge diversity of work while operating in a constantly changing business and technology environment.  Their work is critical to an organization’s ability to function, yet often dedicated operations staff are not present, or few in number, in SMBs. 

Why?  SMBs are limited by size and budget.  In order to make up for this, high-level people often wear multiple hats, including an operational one.  This leads to more stress and operational inefficiencies, as the responsibilities pile up and operations aren’t created or enforced.  The downward spiral continues from there, as the effects are felt throughout the company, and operations become reactive, rather than proactive.

Employing an optimized operational framework is the best alternative.  It provides all of the necessary sales models, including analysis and decision-making tools.  In essence, this provides a business map that puts the company on the path to success.  It eases the burden on leadership in an easily scalable way, utilizing the most appropriate tools and best-in-class principles.  It also forces a proactive approach, taking a deep look at the current state of the market and the business, and laying the groundwork for the company’s processes.

Strong processes that work not only in the moment, but are scalable and adaptable, are crucial to operational success.  That’s why our model is so powerful.  It has the flexibility to fit any business and scale as the business grows – we know because we’ve helped over 400 companies with it!

Performing highly in sales is increasingly challenging for companies of all sizes, but especially for SMBs constrained by size and budget. In the absence of a robust operations team, optimized sales model frameworks are of the utmost importance to overwhelmed SMB sales leaders attempting to deliver revenue and promote growth.

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