Sales & Customer Service Alignment

Better align your sales and customer service teams.

Customers. They can make or break your business. Your customers have the power and control over what the internet thinks about your brand, and with the number of alternatives available today, the slightest disruption in your customer’s experience can send them running towards one of your competitors. Due to the compounded risk of customers churning in favor for more affordable substitutes or due to missed expectations, it has become increasingly important for sales and customer service teams to work together to achieve better alignment.

Here are a few tips to better align your sales and customer service team:

Destroy the silos within your company

It is critical that your customers receive a consistent image of your company from the multiple associates they may have to interact with. Silos between departments can restrict collaboration and negatively impact the customer experience. Removing silos within your company through the establishment of shared goals and clear roles can foster an open and transparent communication between departments. By aligning goals and cross-team training, every department will have a better understanding of their role in the customer experience that will lead to customer success.

Map your customers’ journey

In order to make any effectual changes to your business processes, it is important to initially know how your customers currently view your company. Mapping out your customers’ journey allows you to capture their emotional state as well as each step of your customer’s path, through their initial exposure to your company, the marketing and sales experience, and the support process once they have become a customer. After acquiring this map, your sales and support teams can work together to develop solutions to fill the gaps your customers are experiencing.

Deliver a consistent brand experience across all touch points

Everyone who interacts with the customer plays a part in their overall satisfaction. Having the ability to deliver an excellent, on-brand experience across all channels goes a long way in securing your customers. It is also important for your sales and customer service teams to have the ability to share and document every customer interaction across all departments. That way everyone influencing the customers’ experience understands the message and can ensure that the customers are receiving a great brand experience.

Continually solicit feedback

If you are serious about improving your customers’ experience, it is imperative to go straight to the source and look for feedback. Constructive criticism can go a long way in helping you improve all of your processes. By applying the insight you gain from your customers’ feedback to your customers’ journey; it will make every interaction with your customer and teams much better.


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