Revenue Factory Framework – Proven Sales Training and Methodology

The VizQuest team is very much just that, a team.  Rather than being an office space of professionals that can work alone, they work like a large clock.  Every gear turning together moves the hands of the clock and shows results, all of the gears moving in sync and helping each other along the way, but it is also the responsibility for each gear to turn itself.  At VizQuest we give specialized training for each program and campaign they find themselves on, that is one of the more vital parts of the integration process.  It is this personalized training that has made the team so effective and driven our results.

The techniques learned and implemented at VizQuest have been in play for quite some time.  Some things are self-taught, others are best practices that have been in use for decades such as AGILE, and Six-Sigma, among others.  One such technique, SPIN, is used exclusively during the investigation phase of all sales calls.  It is actually an acronym that stands for Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need; SPIN guides them through what kinds of questions that they should be asking the people we call.

AGILE is another sales methodology that VizQuest uses frequently which is focused on team productivity and overall sales forecasting.  This is reflective of how VizQuest operates; we are all about the process of performing at our best.  VizQuest has a process and a schedule that we have perfected over the course of our 16 years in business.  One way the team puts this into use is by meeting every Friday to review metrics for the week and drill down what worked, and simultaneously, what didn’t work.  Keeping consistent with this process enables the team to learn best practices being implemented by others, improving the team’s effectiveness.

The SCRUM methodology is based on sales team transparency, allowing everyone to see who is accountable for what and who accomplished what tasks; this is a way of reviewing how the team has operated as a whole, rather than as an individual.  VizQuest has implemented both AGILE and SCRUM into weekly meetings and activities that help us track individual success as well as the office’s overall success.

And finally, there is Six-Sigma, a set of management techniques intended to improve business processes by greatly reducing the probability that an error or defect will occur.  As we wrote about last week, it’s about getting rid of the inefficient and wasteful processes.  There is always a way to better your team and the process, and the easiest way is by cutting out inefficiencies.

VizQuest trains frequently and vigorously, which is the best way to assure that the entire team works like a well-oiled machine.  No sales team receives as much hands-on training as the VizQuest sales team does, it’s best in class.  VizQuest has 16 years of experience, and we’ve been using these techniques and methodologies to help over 400 companies in many verticals – we’ve honed this training and this process, that’s why we are confident when we say it is the best.

VizQuest is very much a work hard and play hard environment, the sales team is very competitive, but not to the detriment of the company.  Everyone at VizQuest competes against themselves and gets the necessary support and training to succeed.  Every opportunity we present to our client is a way to deliver them the best possible results; this makes it easy for our sales force to immerse themselves in their work.  Thanks to this, our best-in-class training methodology has dramatically increased the revenue of hundreds of companies.

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