White Papers

Improve Your Sales Performance

To support our proven Revenue Factory model, we have developed best-in-class sales tools and training materials to help organizations improve their sales performance. Hit the ground running by downloading one of our white papers below.

The Value of a VSO
The Importance of Validated Sales (8 pages)

Overcoming SMB Business Challenges
Solutions for Remaining Competitive in B2B Selling (12 pages)

Bridging the Channel Gap
A Reflective Approach on Optimizing Channel Performance (11 pages) 

Value Stream Mapping in Sales
The case for Implementing Value Stream Mapping in the Sales Process (7 pages)

Sales Force Efficiency and Return on Investment Study
Detailed Survey Results on Sales Force Efficiency and ROI (13 pages)

Enterprise Software Sales Performance Study
White Paper: Harvard Business School Independent Survey Results (17 pages)

How to Avoid Commoditization
Creating Competitive Advantage with Micro-Segmentation (7 pages)

Go to Market Partnering
A Creative Solution to Drive Net New Customer and Revenue Growth (7 pages)

Six Sigma in Sales
The Use of Six Sigma in Optimizing Sales and Marketing (8 pages)

Value Creation Selling
Maximize the Effectiveness of your Value Creation Process (8 pages)

Agile and LEAN for Sales
Implementing Agile and LEAN for Speed and Flexibility (5 pages)