Recruiting Superstar Talent

In a business, the team is more important than the idea, model, and finance. Most angel investors would rather invest in a startup with a Grade-A team working on a B-grade product over a B-grade team working on a Grade-A product. Without great people and continuing to find new elite talent, the business will flop. Therefore, it’s without question that one of the most important responsibilities of a company’s leadership is to find and attract great talent.

One important aspect of business recruitment is the ability to communicate the company’s mission as well as to get potential workers to want to join the company. To gain the trust of potential employees, you must ace telling your story. Others will only follow if you leave them with a solid first impression, and they believe you are offering great opportunity. To master the business recruitment process, practice your recruiting pitch on various newcomers. Don’t be as particular at first regarding who you interview since the main objective is to hone your skills to be at your best when top recruits stand before you. Ultimately, every potential worker is different and the way you deliver the pitch will vary based on the different personalities you are talking to.

In our interviewing past, we have discovered that those applying for technical positions were less responsive to ambitious sales pitches, rather they responded more to sound and rational arguments. In order to have a successful interview process, you must obtain a feel for the person and their values as soon as possible. During an interview we like to ask individuals what they feel is important in their new positions. For instance, if the interviewee suggests that a safe work environment is important, let them know about the great people that are currently working and how they will connect well. To make the most of your business, the hiring process must allow you to dig through hundreds of applicants and then do around 5 interviews a day.

Another important process in hiring workers is to choose a combination of employee channels. In order to choose the right people, pick the channels that have the highest chance to reach the people you’re after, not because they are status quo.

If you come across a recruit that has a perfect profile for the open position and they have a good personality, do not cut the process short. This will make the whole interview process too easy, completing the process will allow the recruit to be proud of their achievement once the job offer is presented. They will appreciate the offer more and potentially work harder. CEO’s of large companies have little time to look over the hiring process, however for crucial positions, the CEO should decide to be involved earlier in recruitment process.

By following these principles you will ensure that your staff will happily work together and achieve greater success.

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