Reasons to Outsource “Biz Dev” and Sales

Your company situation:

In most cases, the professionals inside a business are ill-prepared to initiate expansion efforts, or are simply too busy. On one hand, large companies may be able to effectively leverage the cost of in-house resources (such as legal services, negotiation specialists, and others) across a large volume of growth opportunities, on the other hand, smaller companies only have periodic needs for these specialized skills. For these companies, hiring permanent in-house staff would not be cost-effective. As a result, company principals may assume the tasks themselves and bear the formidable risks. Or, they can look outside to a specialized group with a proven track record. Often times, they do nothing, and as a result, are not capable of moving their business forward in their target markets and really executing a proactive marketing strategy.

Your company may want to outsource in order to:

1. Increase the number of clients
2. Generate more income from existing clients
3. Increase the efficiency of business operation and its margins
4. Create a clear, compelling and irresistible reason for prospects and clients to do business with you and not your competitors.

Reasons why you need to outsource business development and sales:

Focus On Core Activities –hiring an outside business development firm will allow you or your  sales/marketing department to focus on the presentations, follow up, and, ultimately, closing sales. Leaving the leads generation to another firm  will allow priority handling of other critical tasks in a timely manner on your end,

Efficiency and Consistency –If you want continuous, efficient, and dependable “biz dev” program, outsourcing is your answer. Efficient, cost-effective use of qualified resources. Focus internal resources on what they do best/ Continued flow of day-to-day operations. Access to specialized resources with minimal commitment and impact on overhead costs

Reduced Operational Costs –Outsourcing may be the catalyst that cuts the costs of hiring, training, payroll, taxes, and maintaining equipment such as work stations, computers, and software. The outsourcing of business development is an  efficient way for most companies to reach their goals while keeping down  their cost.

Continuity & Risk Management -periods of high employee turnover will add uncertainty and inconsistency  to your business development process. Outsourcing will provide a level of  continuity to the company while reducing the risk that an inadequate level of operation would bring to the company’s growth.

Skill and Experience – business development requires skills that your staff may not possess. An  established, experienced and well trained business development professional can give you a helping hand. They will develop new contacts  that are custom tailored to the needs of your particular business. They will use highly skilled and polite approach for opening many new doors. You can also leverage their expertise to “jump start”  strategic initiatives and manage special projects as needed.

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