Motivation Station

The other day we had a company wide sales meeting and discussed the importance of motivation. As the weather gets nicer my mind begins to wander about the lack of work I could be accomplishing on the beach, and I know I am not alone! However it is important to keep our eyes on the prize and not let our goals slip away from us. While listening to the techniques of my colleagues on how they maintain their motivation, I could feel my Monday blues melting away.


For the summer, our CEO has lined up a variety of incentives for us to work towards. For example, if we hit a certain milestone as a company we get to go on a company-wide golf outing with lunch included! Now when I find myself gazing longingly out the window, the incentives come to mind and I am right back to hitting the phones.

As I said, at this meeting we opened up the floor and shared with the group our own tricks of the trade on how to increase motivation. A colleague of mine shared a tip that I have started putting to use in my own day. He knows that he is more motivated in the mornings, so when setting a meeting with a prospect, he sets them between the hours of 2-4 in the afternoon. Of course if the prospect can’t make it, he will schedule the meeting for when they are available. I have found that by doing this I am more productive in the mornings and it gives my day more of a structure.

As well as having official incentives given to you by your employer, I like to give myself small incentives throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll say, “Okay, once you book a meeting you can go get yourself a cup of coffee”. By posing this challenge to myself, it keeps me on task and gives me something to look forward to!

In conclusion, staying motivated can be a real challenge! What are your techniques to stay motivated?

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