How Technology Progresses The Way We Work

All businesses that want to be successful will call to self-monitoring, surveillance, and quantification. Today, the average worker processes over 5,000 megabytes a day, a number that continues to grow. Managers realize that, in order to become more cost effective, they must embrace technology to aid their success. Innovative leaders invest in optimizing human performance as well as process efficiencies. These technologies will recommend the best and most realistic options for improving productivity. Workplace data that don’t cost effectively increase human performance will likely be used to power it.

For top businesses, the future reaches beyond constant self-assessment to constant self-improvement. In other words if you aren’t constantly getting better, you won’t last. Through the use of these technologies, businesses are able to help other businesses. For example, by monitoring emails, memos, chats, and presentations, enterprise recommenders are able to interpret individual communication patterns and styles.

The business world is changing fast, and the use of social media is becoming significantly more important in today’s business realm. With the new technology, smarter readers can offer advice to trigger creativity and collaboration. Depending on their intensity of personalization, recommenders can transform those who are afraid to engage in social media, into effective social media users. Top CEO’s and management positions will increasingly depend on social media to understand human colleagues.

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