How Many Sales Reps Cringe When their Manager Schedules an All Day Training Session?

To be a successful sales professional, you need to practice your craft. You would never run a marathon without the proper preparation. Yet many people are labeled ‘sales’ and are then expected to produce with no strategy, support, defined process, or training.

Unfortunately, sales training at most organizations is an afterthought. Training sessions often become an opportunity for sales and marketing managers to mount their soap box and talk about features, benefits and pipeline. Other times, a high profile sales guru will be hired to infuse new life, energy and ideas into a floundering team. Results are predictable; no appreciable improvement and a huge investment.

What Will Help My Team Sell More?

  • Consistent training (on a weekly basis is ideal)
  • One focused topic for each training session
  • Practice: Remember, 500 repetitions to make that new ‘sales pitch’ a habit.  This can include:
    • Roll play
    • Script writing
    • Creating marketing collateral
    • Negotiation tactics
  • Peer training: This forces all the members of your team to understand the sales process and approach.
  • Create a calendar of training events and topics to allow for feedback and real life scenarios.

It is impossible to create a sales dream team overnight, or with one training session. With a consistent, weekly approach, focused to your type of product or service (transactional, enterprise, etc.), you will engage your sales people in a thoughtful, results based training process.

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