How are you Selling?

Are you creating a need? Does your candidate need your solution? Is every meeting a good meeting?

Do you know…

• Budget
• Economic buyer
• Decision making process
• How they make a purchase
• Timeline
• Competition
• Appetite for your good/service

It may seem hard to believe, but selling the product becomes secondary. The true focus should become selling the answer to a problem; the solution to the customer’s need. Tailoring your efforts to customer needs allows them to see, on a personal level, the benefits your solution can provide. Talking to, not at, customers will make this process even easier. Instead of flooding the customer with your information, gather more of theirs. The more the customer tells you about their exact problem or need, the better prepared you will be to provide the solution in the form of one of your products or services.

Too often, sales people use the hope strategy when qualifying a prospect. They never want to derail an opportunity with a “bad” meeting, however, a bad meeting may be needed to qualify and understand if the opportunity is worthy of being considered part of the pipeline.

Most sales reps struggle with this aspect of sales and end up…

• Wasting time
• Burning cycles
• Chasing unqualified opportunities
• Not understanding budget, needs and economic buyers

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