Help Your Salespeople Spend Time on the Right Things

Sales managers usually have two objectives; increase both the quantity and quality of sales. Usually a sales manager would tackle these issues by hiring more salespeople and invest in sales training. Sales managers typically suggest that there sales force is misallocated. Salespeople spend too much time with their locked down clients, therefore lack time focusing on potential clients. Also non sales activities manage to take over the sales job, preventing salespeople from developing new business. Thus, these allocation errors are difficult to identify and ultimately hurt sales efficiency. If your sales force follows these simple guidelines, you sales team will allocate it’s time more effectively towards selling.

Do salespeople understand what’s important? If sales people don’t know about their markets and products, they will not be precise on the phone. If they are uninformed about the product they are selling, they cannot effectively answer questions to their client. Salespeople should know what’s expected of them. There should be a known number of dials or meetings scheduled that the sales people should hit each week.

Do salespeople have the resources they need? Salespeople are more likely to spend more time efficiently when they have access to reliable information. Sound information helps salespeople focus on product offerings that matched customer needs, therefore increasing sales. Reliable information not only boosts efficiency, it also makes sales easier.

Does your sales team have the ability to sell? When salespeople ignore proprieties due to their insufficient skills and understanding, the prescription is coaching and training. If a salesperson has proven time and again that they lack the capabilities of selling, then they should be removed. Some people simply don’t have the motivation or passion to sell. Some don’t have the confidence to get their job done. Knowledge of products and sales strategies can be taught, however confidence cannot be instilled.

Are salespeople driven to succeed? Sales people are driven when they receive compensation for their efforts, such as commissions, recognition, and raises. Remedies for sales forces that lack drive include changing the incentive plan or criteria for receiving recognition. The most successful sales managers helped increase motivation by encouraging salespeople and recognizing their victories. Ultimately a sales force cannot thrive when no rewards are given to those who succeed. Thus, by giving reward to success, it will trigger greater motivation in your sales team to sell.

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