Good Bosses Encourage Healthy Employees

In regards to employee health insurance, companies are offering health initiatives with financial rewards. Through this expedition to boost employee wellness, corporations are blindly making things worse. It’s not surprising how studies suggest that these corporate wellness programs do not lead to any positive results. In reality, there programs are useless and merely a PR move. Often times, these initiatives generate more stress for employees, for juggling cholesterol tests, and wellness questionnaires on top of a full time job is ridiculous.

By examining the data we have discovered that employees prefer a happier work environment than a slightly bigger paycheck. Studies suggest that a workplace that follows forgiveness, kindness, trust, and respect, leads to improved employee loyalty, engagement, performance, and productivity. Given that nearly seventy five percent of the U.S workforce is unengaged with their work, as well as the high cost of employee turnover, companies should realize the importance of getting their employees attention. The data demonstrates that besides more money, a safe and helpful workplace environment will trigger the most success out of a workforce.

Leaders of an office set the tone of the office environment. Unfortunately many businesses do not have ideal office environments; therefore they are not getting the most from their employees. One very successful CEO in New England always reaches out to his employees when they experience a significant sickness or loss. No matter how busy the CEO is he always manages to reach out to the employee within the hour he learns of the unfortunate news. Some managers have forgotten that business are places of human interactions. Studies have shown that besides food and shelter, the most important need is social interaction with others. By creating healthy work environments, people are far more likely to be healthy and enjoy their jobs. However, this does not mean that managers should be super soft. Managers and CEO’s still need to lead powerfully and demonstrate their authority over employees while communicating kindly to a workforce. Thus, by eliminating the health initiatives, managers should instead create a thriving and positive work environment.

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