5 Ways to Follow Up Effectively in Sales

When following up with prospects it can be hard to strike the right balance – you want to come off as persistent but not annoying. How much follow up is too much? What is the best channel for follow up? These are all key questions, but unfortunately the answers vary case by case. Different approaches work for different sales reps and different prospects. Here are some helpful tips to help you follow up effectively:

1. Always set the next meeting at the end of your current meeting

You can avoid having to send pestering follow ups altogether if you lock down a meeting while you’re on the phone with a prospect. This is the best time to set the next meeting and maintain the momentum of the sales process. Getting the prospect to commit to another meeting will be far easier when you have their undivided attention on the phone than over email during their busy days. If the prospect doesn’t want to set the next meeting, at least get them to commit to clear next steps.

2. Ask the prospect what their preferred method of contact is

At the end of the initial meeting ask whether they’d prefer to be contacted by phone, email, or text. This way you can focus on the channel that they’re most likely to respond on and avoid wasting your resources.

3. Send a summary of your conversation

After a positive conversation with a prospect, send them an email summarizing what you discussed. This makes the prospect feel heard and holds them accountable for any commitments they made over the phone. By sending a summary, you are creating another interaction with the prospect while adding value.

4. Always have a specific reason to reach out

Never contact your prospect “just to check in” or “to touch base.” This quickly becomes annoying and adds no value. Instead, do some research and show that you understand their business and their challenges. Include some of your company’s content, such as a whitepaper or a blog post. Make every interaction positive and beneficial to the prospect.

5. Keep it short and sweet

Your follow up should include why you are contacting the prospect, why now, and ask for completion of an easy task. It should communicate these points as concisely and clearly as possible. No one has the time to read through an entire essay in their email, so keeping it shorter will increase the likelihood of getting a response.

These are some guidelines to creating great follow up interactions, however this isn’t a definitive guide. Use your best judgment and don’t be afraid to follow up multiple times! Sales is all about timing, so you want to be in front of the prospect at the time they’re ready to buy.

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