Flow Science


Since 1980, the goal at Flow Science, Inc. has been to provide customers with excellence in computational fluid dynamics software and services, giving close and careful attention to each customer’s special modeling needs. Flow Science is a leading provider of computational fluid dynamics solutions. Flow Science’s flagship CFD software, FLOW‐3D®, provides a powerful tool for complex fluid modeling problems. FLOW‐3D® enables highly accurate simulations of free‐ surface flows using TruVOF®, the original and true form of the Volume‐of‐Fluid technique. Currently, Flow Science supports a worldwide customer base of Commercial, Academic and Government users.


Since Flow Science was a technology based sales model, they did not have an efficient, effective process that would optimize their numbers and capabilities. Flow Science lacked in their sales and business development resources, and therefore needed to find a better solution. Their sales team spent time going after unqualified opportunities, and they did not have an optimized strategy for developing new opportunities in target industries. They lacked in the internal support focus, bandwidth, and sales and business development resources needed to reach their goals.

Flow Science needed to improve their flat revenue growth and weak pipeline. Specifically, they wished to utilize their improved sales framework in order to successfully launch their new MEMS solution. They needed to expand into new vertical markets in order to grow business, transcend existing mature markets, and avoid commoditization. A new customer base was necessary in order to increase sales pipeline and accelerate revenue growth. This had to happen by developing a steady stream of qualified opportunities for their sales team to capitalize on.


Flow Science chose VizQuest to help them address these challenges. VizQuest implemented their proprietary New Product Introduction program, which accelerated the adoption of the Flow Science’s solution in the market. The program employed VizQuest’s flagship New Product Introduction (NPI) processes and Revenue Factory Model to rapidly identify, engage, qualify and capture accounts. VizQuest collaborated with Flow Science to identify target markets and strategic account focus for the VizQuest team to penetrate and capture. They utilized their NPI experience, referral network, and sales experts to capture new customers, develop opportunities, and close sales. The program gave Flow Science new revenue streams, faster time to market and profitability, reduced break even time, and minimized capital burn. Customer surveys and interviews were executed to determine needs and requirements of industries in the market, in order to properly and effectively introduce Flow Science’s new MEMS solution software.

VizQuest developed and employed a go‐to‐market strategy in order to best present Flow Science’s solution to a new customer base in MEMS and castings. They created a strategic business development campaign, which included a new value proposition specifically aimed at attracting the attention of companies with pain and a need for Flow Science’s solution. They developed new opportunities within these markets by engaging with key players who expressed interest in the solution. Implementing their proprietary framework, VizQuest generated a steady stream of new qualified opportunities for Flow Science, and provided engagements in new major accounts. VizQuest successfully launched their product, generated quality sales opportunities, created viable market share, and increased sales pipeline and revenue growth.


After completion of the program, Flow Science saw a 200% increase in sales pipeline and revenues in new markets. VizQuest helped Flow Science define and enter new target markets, such as MEMS and castings. VizQuest helped Flow Science create new alliances and secure new market visibility for their new software solution. VizQuest gave the Flow Science sales efforts a complete transformation, which gave them superior results.

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